Do You Dropship?

No we are not a dropshipping business, we physically hold all our stock and process your orders without a third party. For more information about this and why we will never dropship see our About Us page.


Why Doesn't My Bag Have A Brand Tag?

We source our handbags from many different manufacturers, we have opted to not private label the handbags we stock to keep our retail prices lower and to not have to place large orders of the one style, which means more styles available to you!


Why Is There A Coin In My Bag?

Did you know it is considered bad luck to gift a purse or handbag without a coin in it? We have included a custom silver coin in each bag to bring you good luck & good fortune. No bad vibes here!


Why the name Fabulous Thursday?

Why not? When I had first had children, Thursdays were the one day a week I would dress up and leave the house, so Thursdays became known as Fabulous Thursday! 



Where Are You Located?

We are located in sunny Townsville, North Queensland


Do You Ship Internationally?

We only ship Australia wide at this stage.